Useful Visual Studio Extensions

This article discusses my opinions on the Visual studio extensions I find useful and have currently installed on both my work and home visual studio instances . Please leave a comment if you would like to recommend your own preferences or personal favourites.

Indent Guides

Created By: Steve Dower 

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IntermittentBug Rating - Essential 

This creates indented guide lines between blocks of code. Very useful in Razor Views.  Having has this installed for a number of years, I feel venerable without it and I'm not alone, 786,237 other developers have installed it too. 


Visual Studio 2015 Color Theme Editor 

Created by: Microsoft 

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IntermittentBug Rating – Very Desirable 

Features 11 pre installed Visual studio UI coloured themes. I personally like to have a different theme for home and work. At work I have Visual studio in Green and at home, its Tan. Certainly not an essential extension, but nice for when you get bored of the purple and blue default. 


Bundler &
Minifier (formally Web Essentials) 

Created by: Mads Kristensen 

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IntermittentBug Rating – Good, now me and my have got used it to. 

Formally part of one single extension called Web Essentials, Bundler & Minifier is now a dedicated extension for Javascript minification. Once you get your head around the changes its easy and effective to use. Reading Mads blog, the reason he decoupled them out into separate extension was to keep the source code smaller and maintainable with the aim to have more developers contributing to the project. He also points out that as it was 1 large extension, a single bug that caused an exception would break the whole thing. All sou8nds sensible from my perspective. 


Compiler (formally Web Essentials) 

Created by: Mads Kristensen 

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IntermittentBug Rating – Excellent 

I have a project at work that is very SASS heavy and since upgrading to visual studio 2015 from visual studio 2013 web Essentials was no longer compatible and caused us a headache with compiling SASS. Thankfully this dedicated extension does just that. This will compile SASS to CSS on save and or build. Required you to configure it using a .JSON file within your visual studio solution.

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